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A Day In The Life of My Baby Daddy Payday Loans

I wrote this in 2007 for another blog in another land far away. I’ve retired since, but I thought it deserving of being trotted out just for old time’s sake.

I finally bit the bullet and advised the powers that be to shove their job up their proverbial chocolate whizways last Monday. In good conscience I could not make the effort to earn the scum-sucking bottom feeders another dime toward their blood-sucking enterprise that preys on the misfortune of others. I’m free as a bird, albeit a poor one, but the release was so great and satisfying that I’ll just pull a Scarlett O’Hara fiddle dee dee, I’ll worry about that tomorrow number.

It wasn’t a hard choice to make, really. I was being pushed out of a job from which I intended to retire when the time came, by the Little Big Boss who’s stuck up the Big Boss’ derrière so far he hasn’t been able to blow his nose in months.

Being a mature woman means so little to those in corporate America. Having common sense means nothing as well. I’m not a dumbass, and will not be pushed around by a snotty little snake thirty years my junior whose sole purpose in life is to climb a corporate ladder and beat his feminine little chest while he goes on and on about the new Disney On Ice. Besides.. every time he opens his mouth a purse falls out.

I expect to be beating the streets for gainful employment this week, but in the meantime, I must color my grey hair, lift my wrinkles, buy a new bra and bring my stilettos and fishnets out of retirement.

This time around I’m going for the big time.
(Sidenote) Little Big Boss was later busted for cocaine possession. Oopsy.


  1. Psykosity

    “Besides.. every time he opens his mouth a purse falls out.”

    That one dropped me, Sparky! My wife thought I’d lost my mind…

  2. Modesty Fiona Blaise
    Modesty Fiona Blaise

    “…new Disney on Ice…” – dying.
    Sadly I can relate to this all too well…I hope the new bra was a lace push-up, and the stilettos were killer.
    Ah, karma’s a bitch…

  3. Avatar
    Trish T

    Sparky, you kill me! I laugh and it’s loud and hubby looks at me like I am nuts! I tell him it’s just Sparky lighting the fuse to dynamite! The giggles go on and on, he just shakes his head….oh men! meh! Thank you for all the laughs beautiful.

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