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Bra Shopping Madness


We’ve covered such random subjects, like putting on Spanx and the trials of bathing suit shopping…so let’s cut to the chase and get to the one that every woman experiences: bra shopping. Now some women are lucky, nay, BLESSED enough to go to a rack, grab one in their size and go on their merry way. For others, it’s more complicated….much more complicated.

There are tee shirt bras, sports bras, push up bras, minimizer bras, plain ones, embellished ones, 2 hook vs 3 hooks, foam/lace/soft cups…it’s enough to make you sit on the floor and decide to go back to undershirts (now called camisoles.)

Enter The Fitter. A bra fitter is an employee of the store who has received her degree in boobology; that’s to say she can take one look at you and immediately know what size you are without measuring. She’s part witch, part lecturer, as she will scold you for wearing the wrong bra size!
What?! I’ve always worn a 34B. “You should be wearing a 36B, that’s why they hurt!” (and you just know she’s mentally saying “stupid cow.”)
The Fitter returns with an armload of bras for you to try on. Dear Lord, I just need a nude color bra for every day wear.
Next, you are told HOW to put a bra on…seriously. You are supposed to lean over slightly so your breasts “settle” into the cups, then once in place, you gently “adjust.”
After you find one and learn how to lean and place, you look at the price tag….and hit the floor again. Sixty-five dollars??? For my boobs???
Now this sounds all fine and good, but when you’re racing around in the morning, making coffee; feeding children, husbands, pets; making lunches; getting dressed, applying makeup, etc., having time to let your boobs fall into place isn’t something many women have time for.
More proof that God is male.


  1. Avatar

    Yep – once we get all the jiggly parts in place, we have to deal with the price tag. Whatever you do, don’t lose / gain any weight, or you have to start ALL over 😀
    (been there, done that)

    • Modesty Fiona Blaise
      Modesty Fiona Blaise

      Ain’t that the truth about the weight…I’ve challenged myself to find an affordable one, if it kills me!!

    • Modesty Fiona Blaise
      Modesty Fiona Blaise

      Well, stop and think about really large busted women…their bras are constructed using the bridge suspension design…😁

  2. Avatar

    I kid you not. I went in to Victoria’s Secret one time, and a very good looking twenty something man (possibly gay, but hard to tell), was in a tux there to greet me. He was the boob fitter. “Welcome to Victoria’s Secret, would you like to be measured today? Being over 40, and completely confident in myself…I looked him straight in the eye and said, “You have to be the most brilliant young man I think I have ever met.” He got a huge smile on his face and looked down at the ground. I guess he wasn’t gay after all.

    • Modesty Fiona Blaise
      Modesty Fiona Blaise

      lol…good for you! To show my solidarity, I won’t even bring one when I visit…
      Bildo may want to get an eyeshade…just sayin’

  3. Avatar

    Oh Modesty I feel your pain. I hate bras but I would end up with black eyes if I didn’t wear them. On a aide note I found 3 perfect firting bras at Walmart on the clearance rack for a buck apiece. That will never happen again.

    • Modesty Fiona Blaise
      Modesty Fiona Blaise

      Black eyes?? I fortunately do not have that problem, lol…
      Maybe I should stop looking in department stores and start looking at TJ Maxx?

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