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Imagination Is A Talent

A Paean, Tribute, and Panegyric

Had I discovered first, the Bard of Avon, I would have shouted the discovery far and wide. If instead I’d discovered Jonathon Swift, I’d have yelled – not as loudly nor as long, but yell I would. And I’d do as much for the ever-clever Mr. Wilde.

Now this is not to say I’d discovered someone new. Only that I’d noticed what has been little noted but was there all the time. The most brilliantly addled imaginative mind I have ever come across, personally, so to speak. His is either a brain to which half a hemisphere’s nodules and synapses are devoted entirely to imagination… or… he’s been swilling magic mushroom juice of his own making and refuses to put a label on it and market it for the masses.

Look, I’ll not be singing hosannas about anyone’s virtuosity because I just don’t roll that way.
Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll tell this: the signal feature of my interest in anything… ANYTHING, is to badmouth, excoriate and abrade it. If you must think it than do so – I’m a natural born hater – there, I said it for you. If you can’t say something nasty about some one/thing don’t say anything at all.

Give me some one to beat up or have cider spit in their eye and I’ll beat him and spit cider – with a song in my heart. But ask me to say something praiseworthy about someone and I cringe all over. It’s not that I believe there are no humans worthy of praise – it’s just not in my wheelhouse – missing or damaged DNA perhaps? As that Dirty Harry guy said – “a man’s got to know his limitations”. The dark side of ‘nice’ is mine.

But I can not let it not be noted that I’d come across an imagination so fecund, so pregnant, so juicy/luscious, and, so delectable an eccentricity, or so nutritive a compost heap that is a brain, as the one that has hold of this fellow calls himself Psykosity.

I truly believe if you took the squeezin’s from a cold-pressed Psykosity the resulting decoction could cure the pandemic insanity that is warping the world. Would that not be a scientific breakthrough? Like venom fighting the venomous, warp would re-adjust the twisted.

PS – Psykosity, really, on the QT, between jus’ you ‘n’ me – Magic Mushroom juice… is that it… c’mon… is it? Is it? It is isn’t it? Yes?



  1. Avatar
    Kelly J Randall

    George: I was about ready to write a long, involved, and multi paragraphed response filled with gratitude for this wonderful piece, as well as appreciation for the consistent support of you, as well as Sparky and Mod. I was going to write about how lucky I felt to get the opportunity to work for WTF? and to work beside you, Mod, Sparky, and Red.
    I was even going to take multiple trips to the thesaurus so that I could do you proud.
    I the end, I realized the only appropriate response was to ask: What would John Wayne do?
    The Duke would shake your hand in friendship and say: “Thanks”. Thus, I extend my cyberspace hand in friendship and say: “Thanks”.
    Friends come and go like waves on an ocean, but good friends stay like an octopus attached to your face.

    • Avatar
      George Pal

      For a minute there I’d thought I’d broken you, Psyk. All that bonhomie; and notes of wistful eulogy. “Had I died?” I thought. And then… then… “but good friends stay like an octopus attached to your face”. Relief. All’s well.

      BTW: You are most welcome…

  2. Avatar
    Kelly J Randall

    Oh, and Wildman:
    Sometimes, it IS mushroom juice.
    The scary thing is though, most of the time?
    It comes natural!

  3. Modesty Fiona Blaise
    Modesty Fiona Blaise

    George…I read this once, twice, three times, with each read, my smile grew. You captured the essence of our beloved Psyk in a wonderous mix of wordsmithing and snark. I am in awe, my friend…you are OUR Bard of WTF.
    Well done, sir…well done!

    • Avatar
      George Pal

      Mod, you and Sparks, and Psyk, have been as generous in your commendations as I think is possible – for someone not on a retainer. If ever I feel need of it, I will incorporate the three of you to be my PR firm.


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