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Tupperware Hell

As a female of a certain age, I’ve been invited to all types of home parties: make up, candles, clothing, even wigs. But nothing compares to the Hell on Earth known as a Tupperware Party.
You receive an invitation…it promises to be a “fun” night, with refreshments. And there’s “no obligation to buy” anything. Bull…of course you’re obligated, after all, there’s refreshments!
Short of saying a relative died or that you’ll be out of town, you’re trapped. So after sighing heavily several times, you go. Upon walking in, you are hit with an array of plastic storage items; some that you never knew existed. After all, I’ve been reusing the plastic tubs I get my deli takeout in. There are squares for sandwiches; round containers of all sizes, from nuts to a cake (with a cover and handle!) and sectioned crudite containers for parties, butter dishes and pitchers. If you have a house at a lake or the shore, I’m sure this might be of use to you, but since I don’t have a vacation home, did I really need anything? I looked around wildly and took a large slug of the mediocre wine…what could I purchase and not look totally cheap?

The woman hosting the party was extolling the virtues of everything – look, you can transport a cake for the holidays easily! And this 9×12 will hold two dozen brownies, keeping them fresh! And they make great gifts (as if..) for loved ones! As I listened to the group ooh and ahh over the various items, I looked to make my escape – there wasn’t enough wine there to keep me. And then I saw it…it was too adorable. A lunchbox, with various containers for all the things you might put in a lunch…I fell in love. Never mind I rarely (if ever) packed my lunch; this was just too cute for words. So I bought it.
The reason I bring this up is I was cleaning my storage room in the basement the other day and found it, 35 years later. It’s still adorable….and still unused.


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    LOL… there is a market for old lunchboxes! It’s a treasure and collectible now.

    Thank god I’ve never had to endure that particular hell. I did receive a “gift” once. A little bitty piece of crap “knife” that was supposed to unleash my creative animal in the kitchen. I think it was made for midgets. I’m a big guy with large hands. I would have injured myself trying to use it. It did tear a nice hole in my trash bag. I’m certain this gift was meant to entice me to buy other must have treasures. Nope 🙂

  2. Modesty Fiona Blaise
    Modesty Fiona Blaise

    I’ll take a picture of it and show you…there’s no aftermarket for this!! But it made me momentarily nostalgic…and no, I’m not keeping it for another 35 years!

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    Kelly J Randall

    Ahhh, some more mysteries of womanhood.
    Tupperware parties. Going to the powder room in groups.
    I always enjoy your take on things, Mod! You serve up a slice of life with a flavor of snark I really enjoy!

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    George Pal

    Just don’t get why women need a pretext to getting a klatch together drinking mildly alcoholic beverages, smoking some fags, and talking some trash. You’ve come a long way babe, remember.

    • Modesty Fiona Blaise
      Modesty Fiona Blaise

      George, I never need an excuse! But this was long ago, and it was safer to have an excuse to give one’s husband (I wasn’t married at the time) as opposed to saying, “Hey, honey? I’m going over to Margie’s to get hammered with the girls…I’ll call you to pick me up.”
      That would not have gone over well…

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