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Who Reads WTF?

Every once in a while, one of us checks our reader statistics. We have a counter that tells us when  someone logs onto WTF. Even more interesting, it tells us what part of the world they’re from…yes, WTF is now global. In the beginning, all our readers were from the US, but recently we’ve had readers from the UK and Australia; Moscow (I’ve convinced myself it’s Putin) and the Ukraine. Recently Beijing showed up! And a couple of provinces in Canada have been regular readers. Lately there’s been a big influx of readers from Brazil…Hello, President Bolasanairo! and there’s a crew in Latvia who have become readers. We find this amazing…it humbles us that our little blog has a global readership. It’s like a regular UN, except with no corruption and greed. I have my suspicions that a small cable channel in Estonia is using WTF material for a show called “Americans – They So Crazy!”

Right now we average anywhere from 500-800 views a day. Now in the vast space of the interwebbies, those aren’t huge numbers. To us, they are astronomical…we never thought we’d get more than maybe 20 -30 hits a day! So discovering that our readership is worldwide and growing is mind blowing.
Knowing this drives us to keep things rolling merrily along, having our readers engaged and entertained. So keep the comments coming and let us know what you think. You can consider it your contribution to Estonia’s television programming!


  1. George Palczynski
    George Palczynski

    That’s more than a little good news. But I’m wondering if, perhaps, the increase in traffic is due to Odile, the WTF banner girl?

  2. Modesty Fiona Blaise
    Modesty Fiona Blaise

    It’s possible, George…Odile has been good for business. But allow me to delude myself a little longer thinking it’s the stellar writing and biting wit put forth!

  3. Avatar
    Frank James - @Frankie_J

    Maybe WTF could be big in Turkey, too, Modesty. It says that my email won’t be published & I believe that, but if Sparky (or someone here) could use it to give me an email to Send To, I’ll upload MY little tale of me & the Thompson submachine gun in Istanbul from the early 70’s.

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