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About The Writers


A southernfried Sicilian; who draws and manipulates photos, drinks beer, has a blue cloud of obscenities over her head, and frequently has the munchies.


Modesty Fiona Blaise was born in Notting Hill, London. At the age of 14, she became a muse for Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon, and gave diet tips to Twiggy. After that, she became a magician's assistant; traveling the world, until the tragic incident with the saw.


Devastatingly handsome, Genius. Modest. Polite. Early '50s model East TN hillbilly. Identical Twin.


Husband, Father, Musician (Guitarist), Composer, Producer, Writer, former Ordained Minister. Has the distinction of being banned for life from a major American University for 'accidentally" peeing on the Dean of Music's head. Hobbies include collecting the pocket lint of the rich and famous, foraging with wolves in the forest, and fishing for catfish with his teeth.


George (Wildman) Palczynski is a student of Life without certificate, degree or expertise. Knows a little about most everything but not everything about any one thing - which makes him generally smart but particularly stupid.


Carrie was born and spent her formative years in the heat of World War 2. She was born to a father who was a professional plate twirler and her mother was a professional plate washer and part time pure-bred wombat breeder.