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Category: News and Views

Schiff Hits The Golden Throne

Adam ‘Bubula’ Schiff, chairman of the House Political Reconnaissance Committee To Weed Out All Political Opposition To Democratic One Party World Supremacy And Give ‘Whistleblowers” Fifteen Minutes Of Fame, concluded his rousing peroration to a standing ovation at the annual California “yeeehah that fire’s sure hot” Democratic Smarmy Sha-nah-nah Convention with – “no man should have a Golden Throne until all men have  Golden Thrones.

Presidential hopeful Liz “I was born and raised in a teepee” Warren promised that, under her administration, every man, woman, child, and Fido, would have a Golden Throne to call  their own even if it cost a quajillion dollars. When Little Squawk announced she was contributing 1000 wampum to the cause, the convention hall broke into wild chants of “Golden Thrones”.

In the two concluding orders of business, conventioneers voted to adopt “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” as their Party’s anthem in lieu of “Happy Days Are Here Again”.

And the passage by voice vote of a motion made, seconded, that next year’s California Democratic Political Smarmy Sha-nah-nah Convention theme would be “Kiss Our Ass Because We Care”

Moments after the West Hollywood convention hall in Congressman Schiff’s district had emptied, the hall’s roof caved in. Inspectors determined it had collapsed under an excess weight load. It has been learned since, that San Francisco had been dumping all the shit it had been collecting off its streets onto the Convention Hall’s roof.

No casualties had been reported, though California congressional district phone lines were were swamped for hours with inquiries where people should go for their free ‘green’ Golden Thrones.